readytogo.jpg (11830 bytes)

Intredpid troops ready to get on the road. Owen sports a shirt that sums up the theme of the trip.

chicago1.jpg (13333 bytes)

Accidents are common on this road as drivers attempt to turn their heads sideways to read the sign.

chicago2.jpg (21514 bytes)

U of C has a very cool campus centered on a Gothic theme. This handsome devil graced the outside of the school's Student Center.

chicago3.jpg (10332 bytes)

Intrepid troops plus one, standing outside the school's chapel, which is named after some president whose name I forget. Owen attempts to remind everyone that he is hungry.

chicago4.jpg (10304 bytes)

Not even out of Chicago yet and already we're re-packing the van. Jason prepares to tell Andrew what he really thinks of the situation.

chicago5.jpg (14395 bytes)

Wagons... east!

chicago6.jpg (34131 bytes)

U of C's mascot is the phoenix because the entire school was burned to the ground in the Chicago Fire. This emblem is set in the floor of the Student Center, and supposedly if you step on it, you'll never graduate.

chicago7.jpg (8629 bytes)

More assorted Gothicery from around campus. The three gargoyles on the slope of this roof (the top one is a little hard to see) represent Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors. The guy on top who looks like Jack Nicholson obviously represents the Seniors.

chicago8.jpg (10764 bytes)

Outside a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright on the U of C campus, just across from Jason's dorm. I forget what he called this one, but it is now owned by the university. At one point they used it as a dorm.

chicago9.jpg (22381 bytes)

Yet more Gothicery. Outside is a very nice courtyard, which the Secret Service kindly informed us was closed for President Bill's visit. He was there to give the commencement speech.

protest1.jpg (10961 bytes)

The "puny" protest. This was in fact two protests which seemed to be clashing, one of which was FOR the war in Kosovo, and one of which was AGAINST the US and President Bill, whom the speaker said had broken "every international law on the books." There was some debate amongst the crew about whether or not he had broken any applicable shipping laws.

protest2.jpg (12446 bytes)

There were roughly three cops for every protestor. Mr. Jones said "In the sixties, when we gave a protest, EVERYBODY came, and there were way fewer cops."

protest3.jpg (15091 bytes)

Some of protestors who were American seemed to be there for social reasons more than political ones.

fireworks1.jpg (9841 bytes)

Oh, we got plenty.

fireworks2.jpg (11074 bytes)

It was billed as the world's largest fireworks warehouse.