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Andrew Pumps Gas

Jason Repacking

Peacefully Awaiting Daylight

Andrew Sleeps Peacefully

99 Bottles of Beer

Jason and the Filthy Beast


Climbing Kineo 1

Climbing Kineo 2

Lookout Tower

Lookout from the top of Kineo 1

Lookout from the top of Kineo 2

Katahdin leaving dock

Landing action shot

DC10 on Pontoons

Mr. Surley Pants

Ahab at sea1

Ahab at sea 2

First Mate Lamb

Elephant Island

Captain Owen

House on an Island 1

House on an Island 2

Elephant Mountain Redux

Big Blue Sky

Commute by Plane

East of the Sun


Two Handsome Studs

Ye Olde Yellow Cabin

Andrew Tarzan 3

Andrew Tarzan 2

Andrew Tarzan 1

Jason Tarzan 2

Jason Tarzan 1

Jason Tarzan 3

Jason as Lobster